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No matter how tech-savvy people are, cybercriminals frequently deceive employees with sophisticated phishing techniques. These simple tips can help combat phishing attempts and remediate future ones.

Change account passwords

Email phishing attacks can be deployed in multiple ways, but their main objective is to harvest login usernames and passwords. Once a target has been compromised, spear-phishing attackers typically engage in extensive data collection on them. Spear-phishing attackers usually utilize thorough information gathering processes on their targets once compromised. To combat this, it’s crucial to change passwords not only for the expected compromised account but also for other associated user accounts. Regularly changing passwords for all online accounts is recommended.

Report phishing incidents

Phishing attacks are often deployed on a large scale, targeting many victims at once. In most cases, the phishing attack will target employees within the same organization. Promptly reporting the incident can help protect other employees who may have received the same phishing email but have not yet responded.

Investigate the phishing attack

The risks of responding to phishing emails may include email account compromise, unauthorized access to networks, and inadvertent download of malware. If a phishing attack is suspected, it's important to initiate a preliminary investigation of the incident by reporting it to the IT service desk. Phishing attack victims need to be on the lookout for identity theft.

Implement remediation strategies and safeguard against future attacks

Users must be well-informed about the attack vectors that phishing experts are currently employing. Organizations must conduct comprehensive user security education and training. Internal simulations of phishing scams are an effective strategy to help users avoid falling victim to emails from phishing scammers but shouldn’t be the only simulation deployed. The key to avoiding this type of scam is to be vigilant about security awareness, prioritize employee training, and monitor risky employee behavior.


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