Trending Threat Alert

CyberSecurity Awareness Month October 2021
Published on : October 19th, 2021

Hackers and malicious actors are continuously prying on the vulnerabilities of systems and human behavior to break into private networks and corporate accounts...

SMISHING and Fake Android app Targets Tax Payers
Published on : October 07th, 2021

The Drinik Android malware attack is targeted at Indian banking customers. Disguised as a message for income tax refund, the phishing link sent via SMS tricks users into sharing their sensitive banking information...

Employees enticed to deploy ransomware
Published on : September 22nd, 2021

Recent news of a novel type of ransomware attempt has raised an urgency to address the need for safe and ethical cyber practices...

CAPTCHA for Successful Phishing Campaigns
Published on : September 3rd, 2021

CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart...

700 Million LinkedIn Users’ Data Posted for Sale on Cyber Underground
Published on : August 9th, 2021

On June 22, 2021, approximately 700 million LinkedIn (LI) users were left in shock after it was revealed by Privacy Sharks their LI data was being sold on RaidForums...

Trending Threat Alert - Kaseya VSA supply chain attack
Published on : July 23th, 2021

OnHundreds of businesses worldwide were hit by a highly sophisticated ransomware attack on Friday, July 2nd, 2021. This is another supply chain attack in the aftermath of the infamous SolarWinds attack earlier this year, and this one seems to be completely financially motivated...

Trending Threat Alert - Bazarcall
Published on : July 6th, 2021

BazarLoader is malware that makes use of an organization's contacts in the distribution of dangerous Windows malware. The malware then allows hackers to access and exploit other security vulnerabilities within the network through a backdoor...

Trending Threat Alert - DocuSign theme based phishing
Published on : June 23rd, 2021

Recently, Hancitor malware phishing campaigns using DocuSign-related social engineering have been active. The initial infection vector is phishing emails embedded with malicious links to Microsoft Office documents containing malicious macros...

Trending Threat Alert! - UNC2529 highly customized phishing attacks.
Published on : June 4th, 2021

UNC2529 displayed indications of target research based on their selection of sender email addresses and subject lines which were tailored to their intended victims...

Trending Threat Alert! -Colonial Ransomware Attack!
Published on : May 15th, 2021

On Friday 7th May 2021, Colonial, the largest gasoline pipeline operator in the USA, shut down all of its operations after a ransomware attack...

Trending Threat Alert! - MobiKwik Data Breach!
Published on : May 01st, 2021

As much as 8.2 terabytes of personal information data has allegedly leaked from users of India-based MobiKwik mobile payment’s wallet application and onto the dark web, according to a report from India Times...

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