Technology Integrations

SecurityAdvisor partners with industry-leading enterprise technology providers and their marketplaces. Through these integrations we provide single-click access to the only real-time, personalized security awareness platform that delivers a measurable reduction in security incidents through individual coaching for each employee, teaching them how to identify and remediate cyberattacks.

Crowdstike Falcon Platform Store: Single-click integration with CrowdStrike automates the delivery of security awareness to at-risk users. We leverage CrowdStrike’s rich telemetry in real time to engage employees and to reduce security incidents by >50%. Watch Video

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace: We leverage PANW’s Cortex XSOAR technology to make security awareness a central part of incident detection and response. We can be part of PANW’s playbooks and automatically close the loop by coaching end users.

Carbon Black: This integration enables data flow via a simple API setup and allows organizations to start coaching employees by setting up teachable moments within the automation platform.

Malwarebytes: Teachable moments are created to educate users by leveraging Malwarebytes’APIs and data. Our Malwarebytes integration can reduce incidents detected by as much as 70%.

Netskope: We use Netskope’s real-time APIs and their data around online violations, compliance violations, cloud data leakage to engage and coach users and reduce security incidents.

Okta: If you are using Okta, administrators can Single Sign-on to the SecurityAdvisor console using Okta SSO.

SentinelOne: We integrate with SentinelOne to identify at-risk users and to coach those individuals in real time.

Slack: As communications shift to new age platforms like Slack and as email fatigue grows, we have a slack app that can engage and improve users’ security awareness through automated nudges on slack.

Sophos: Integrated with Intercept X Endpoint, we identify risky user behavior and deliver personalized micro-learnings in real time.

Zscaler: We leverage ZScaler’s detections to identify risky activities online and to figure out teachable moments for specific end users. We then coach the end users involved and measurably bring down web violations.

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