SecurityAdvisor for Resilience customers

Help Resilience's customers stay safe and avoid human actions that lead to cyber incidents

Research shows that the #1 reason for cyber claims are human actions. Resilience and SecurityAdvisor are partnering to help Resilience customers stay safe and avoid human actions that lead to cyber incidents.

Resilience combines insurance expertise with cybersecurity and data talent to deliver clear, effective solutions to protect you from the cyberrisks of today—and tomorrow. All Resilience customers receive a Security Credit that can be put toward security products and services like Security Advisor.

SecurityAdvisor is a cutting edge product that provides personalized awareness to end users based on their risk exposure. Customers can also run their annual security awareness programs and phishing simulation using our tool. Below you will find an awareness video on Ransomware- the #1 reason for cyber claims.

Resilience customers have access to discounted pricing and we have 3 major bundles available for Resilience Customers.

Features Platinum Cutting Edge State of the Art

Automated security awareness program

Email phishing simulation (Custom)

Motion posters, posters, videos, games

Micro- messages/ security tips for end users for quick learning


Single Sign On Integration

User onboarding, set up and tracking

Mobile support- IOS and Android

Risk analytics on endpoint, cloud, web to identify Teachable Moments and risky users

Quarterly user risk analytics report

Benchmark security metrics with industry

Contextual security awareness training

Real time security awareness tips on Slack, Teams, Facebook Workplace

Monthly Security outcomes tracking

Fully Managed service (SecurityAdvisor will manage the offering saving FTEs customers)

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