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Extracting Long-term Value - not costs - from Your Security Awareness Training Program

Most CISOs cite human error as the biggest risk for their organization. Human behavior can unwittingly lead to security compromises through issues like weak passwords, phishing links, using public WiFi, and visiting risky applications or websites.

Most enterprises use cookie-cutter approaches designed to “check-the-box” for security education and compliance, sending all employees the same phishing simulation or quarterly training. While that approach may be helpful and informative, it doesn’t occur frequently enough for employees to remember what to do, or not to do, during a critical moment. This traditional approach to training doesn't yield information beyond how many people participated in a 10 minute exercise, making it hard for CISOs to pinpoint the effectiveness of such training efforts or highlight at-risk users.

SecurityAdvisor’s integrated content pack for the Cortex® XSOAR Marketplace, provides users with the ability to automate security awareness in real-time. This integration with SecurityAdvisor’s patented security awareness platform delivers a measurable reduction in security incidents through personalized coaching for each employee, teaching them in real time how to identify and remediate cyberattacks.

The cyber immunity training platform integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing security infrastructure including endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber attack response services. With a single click from the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, businesses of all sizes can transform employees into being the strong foundation of a sound security posture.

Benefits include:
  • Improvement to overall security posture by providing just-in-time threat response coaching to end users
  • Reduced security incidents within an organization as employees become more aware of cyber risks
  • Access to cybersecurity awareness micro modules and related reporting including executive dashboards and department trends
  • Phishing simulation engine with a robust template library and customizable pages
Creating Cyber Immunity with Cortex XSOAR and SecurityAdvisor -  Your Security Awareness Training Program

In addition to training employees, the integration between Cortex XSOAR and SecurityAdvisor provides measurable outcomes that CISO’s can use to justify investments. The training is quick, relevant, and has shown to reduce security incidents from risky users by 90% due to better security awareness and hygiene. The integration between Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR and SecurityAdvisor delivers a unique, modern approach to building cyber-immunity across an organization.

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