700 Million LinkedIn Users’ Data Posted for Sale on Cyber Underground

On June 22, 2021, approximately 700 million LinkedIn (LI) users were left in shock after it was revealed by Privacy Sharks their LI data was being sold on RaidForums. RaidForums is a well-known platform used by hackers. This was done potentially by a seller known as TomLiner, The post also claimed that it included one million data records to act as proof. A thorough examination of the sampled records by Privacy Sharks’ security analysts found that LinkedIn profile details (full names, phone numbers, addresses, personal information, and gender) were included in the post.

Scraping social network users’ public profiles is likely the main technique used by the hacker to gain access to their information. Scraping is believed to have been used to collect 500 million LinkedIn records on sale in April. This method is among the most common means deployed by hackers to retrieve public information on the internet. This information can also be used to perform malicious activities such as sending phishing emails. Hackers can then use this information to make a profit by selling it online.

The security impact of the attack on LinkedIn Users

Even though confidential data such as bank account information, passwords, and other private data were not among the records posted for sale, it is still a big security threat to the social network users. The LinkedIn users’ data could be used for sending spam email messages. Or worse, the information could be used for illegal identity theft. The attackers may also attempt to gain access to the LinkedIn users’ accounts using commonly used passwords or characters together with the scraped data.

SecurityAdvisor Employee Tips :
Enable two-step authentication to help safeguard your LinkedIn account.
Ensure you log out of your LinkedIn account from each device that may be accessible by others.
Ensure your LinkedIn privacy and account access settings are updated.

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