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More than just technology and technical controls are involved in cybersecurity. While technical controls are essential, the heart of your cybersecurity strategy should be its people. How people interact with emails, data, and cloud applications has a direct impact on your organization's security posture.

Given today's threat landscape, addressing the human aspect of cybersecurity is more important than ever. Attackers continue to target people by utilizing social engineering as part of their attacks. To gain initial access to your organization, ransomware attacks frequently require a person to download malicious attachments or provide their credentials.

A strong cybersecurity culture can have a significant impact on your security posture. Behavior is influenced by a company’s culture. Employee attitudes and behaviors are shaped by a culture that values security. When your leaders and employees believe that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, not simply IT departments, they will take steps to keep the organization secure because it is valued and important to them. More importantly, all employees as well as their security-conscious behaviors become a formidable line of defense.


Creating a strong security culture does not happen overnight. This culture isn’t formed through just a single event, such as annual security awareness training. On-the-spot and targeted training provides a strong pathway to forming this culture. Building a strong security culture requires a consistent and sustained effort.

While everyone in an organization has an impact on security culture, executives and managers have a greater impact due to the nature of their roles. Leaders of companies frequently set the tone for the rest of the organization. If the CEO discusses cybersecurity and how it aligns with the organization's goals at every staff meeting and all-hands meeting, it sends the message that keeping the company's data and systems secure is important.

A strong security culture should be part of any company's cybersecurity strategy. It can help foster long-term behavioral changes, transforming your personnel from targets to a formidable last line of defense.

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