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What is SecurityAdvisor?

We provide the only personalized security awareness platform that quantifiably reduces security incidents. Our patented platform, Graphene™, integrates easily with existing security infrastructure to deliver real-time coaching for each employee, teaching them how to identify and remediate cyberattacks and help security teams better measure the ROI and effectiveness of their training initiatives.

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Enable the Human Firewall

Employees are often the weakest link your cyber security strategy. With the right personalized and real-time coaching, we secure users by helping individuals to identify and remediate cyberattacks.

Our Vision

Strengthen the last mile of security by fortifying you.


Byte sized and user friendly coaching. Personalized & Automated.
Continuous improvement using measurable outcomes.


Patented Behavior Change Platform
Contextual security behavior management and change execution

Security Integrations

Risk Assessment & Teachable moments

Personalized realtime Contextual coaching

Analytics & Visualization

Our Offering

360 degree toolkit for Security culture management


Employee Risk Assessment

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation

Contextual Coaching

Contextual Coaching for Employees

Security Outcomes

Security Outcomes Reporting and Visualization

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