What is SecurityAdvisor?

We are a security awareness and automation company that reduces the number of security incidents in your organization while saving time for your employees. We empower users with personalized insights using Graphene™, our AI based behavior management platform.

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Enable the Human Firewall

Users are important enablers of secure organizations. With the right contextual and real-time assistance, we fortify users and help build a cyber immune culture.

Our Vision

Strengthen the last mile of security by fortifying you.


Byte sized and user friendly coaching. Personalized & Automated.
Continuous improvement using measurable outcomes.


Graphene™: Our patent pending user empowerment platform

Security Integrations

Risk Assessment & Teachable moments

Personalized realtime Contextual coaching

Analytics & Visualization

Our Offering

360 degree toolkit for Security culture management


Employee Risk Assessment

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation

Contextual Coaching

Contextual Coaching for Employees

Security Outcomes

Security Outcomes Reporting and Visualization

Learn how SecurityAdvisor can help your team

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